Left hand on my chin

I've been sitting here for quite some time wanting to blog but nothing to blog about. I know, right? #problem

I wanted to share about my little munchkin's 2nd month but it was not ready yet. Lol! She's almost turning 3 months and I haven't posted anything about her 2nd month celebration and all. Also, we already welcomed our little munchkin to the Christian world last February 21st and that post is not yet ready, too. Oh well. Been busy with my little munchkin's baptismal, I guess. I wanted to make it as what I have imagined it in my mind so bad, but the time and budget. UGH. Everything was planned in my mind already, how it will look like, the invitations, decorations, etc... but... Ok bawi na lang sa 1st birthday! For her first birthday though, we were planning on having that done in a fast food chain such as Mcdonalds or Jollibee, since it's how it is usually done here in the Ph, so... I am hoping it will be not a last minute planning as what happened to her baptismal, since we have a LOT of time left. Hahaha

*Insert another thought here*

Joshua told me that when he registered for Maco's baptism, he was told to write a promise that we will get married in Church. Of course, we wanted to, but financially... It will only happen once in my life, and as a girl, I want it to be perfect, or at least how I want it to be. Not just because we need to. You feelin' me here? Lol. I want to be in this beautiful dress, walking down the aisle while our favorite song is playing and the love of my life is waiting for me on the other end. We have a target year already, or rather I have a target year. Lol! I think I haven't told him yet when I want to get married. Hope it will happen though, since it's pretty close already. ;)

Uhhhhh I think I'm sleepy already. Brain's not working anymore. Goodnight!

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