Our little Maco

December 13th of 2014, I gave birth to a very cute baby girl, her name is Mariana Coraline Contreras Ibañez. We call her Maco. Why the name? Mariana came from the name of Joshua's mom which was Ma. Ana, and Coraline came from the book written by Neil Gaiman. Coraline was actually chosen by Joshua.  I was thinking of naming her Mariana Cossandra, I asked a few friends, they didn't like it, so... Joshua won. Mariana Coraline it is. I actually like it, I just don't want to agree with Joshua. HAHA. No ragrets. Lol (ragrets, because this)

Here are some photos of my little one.

Welcome to the world, my baby!! <3
Damn giving birth was hard and painful as... Ugh. But, after seeing  your baby, all of the pain were gone. Seriously. I cried when I saw my baby Maco, can't explain how happy I was. And yes, I also cried because I know the pain's gone already. Haha

Photo taken by his father. Haha
I love you, Maco <3


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