New Year, New Me? #Lol

I think it was the first week of January I decided to do something different with my hair. Since last year, Joshua has been bugging me to cut it. Yes. I guess he likes it better when I had my hair short. Not sure why, though, well maybe because the first time we met again a couple years back, my hair was short, so IDK, maybe? Just had to bring it up hahaha!

When I was at the salon, the hairdresser of course asked what I want to do with my hair. I showed her this...
photo from google images

And she was like, "are you sure? you know it is hard to have your hair that long again"  I thought about it and I told myself she was right, it took me I think almost 2 years to grow my then long hair. But what the hell, I want my short hair back. When the hairdresser cut it, all of the people in the salon were in shock and were staring at me. I think they're thinking I'm going through something, may pinagdadaanan ganon Hahaha! 

So from this...
This much has been cut...
To this...
I took the cut hair home because it was the longest my hair has ever been. Haha or maybe I just have attachment issues. Sometimes I miss my long hair, but mostly I was like whatever. The only con on having short hair is that kailangan nakaayos ako palagi, I mean when going out, I must wear makeup or at least an eyeliner or lipstick, because if not, I'll look like a boy. Hahahaha 


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