Maco's 1st month

Last January 13th was Maco's 1st month with us! Some spaghetti, toasted bread and cake were our little feast for our little Maco's first month celebration. Say little one more time. Little. Lol

Bb girl's cake!
Spaghetti!! Joshua made the sauce jollibee style haha

banner I made for my little girl

I've been wanting to have a photoshoot for my little girl's 1st month but we're still lacking budget  this January, so I did it myself. Haha! I know it's not as good as those done in studios, and I'm just using an ordinary digicam, so... Here are some of it

Happy first month, baby!

What are you doing to me, Mama?

Whatchu lookin at?!
Stop na Mama please!!!!

Can't wait for my little Maco's 2nd month photoshoot!!! :D

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