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New Year, New Me? #Lol

I think it was the first week of January I decided to do something different with my hair. Since last year, Joshua has been bugging me to cut it. Yes. I guess he likes it better when I had my hair short. Not sure why, though, well maybe because the first time we met again a couple years back, my hair was short, so IDK, maybe? Just had to bring it up hahaha!

When I was at the salon, the hairdresser of course asked what I want to do with my hair. I showed her this...

And she was like, "are you sure? you know it is hard to have your hair that long again"  I thought about it and I told myself she was right, it took me I think almost 2 years to grow my then long hair. But what the hell, I want my short hair back. When the hairdresser cut it, all of the people in the salon were in shock and were staring at me. I think they're thinking I'm going through something, may pinagdadaanan ganon Hahaha! 

I took the cut hair home because it was the longest my hair has ever been. Haha o…

Maco's 1st month

Last January 13th was Maco's 1st month with us! Some spaghetti, toasted bread and cake were our little feast for our little Maco's first month celebration. Say little one more time. Little. Lol

I've been wanting to have a photoshoot for my little girl's 1st month but we're still lacking budget  this January, so I did it myself. Haha! I know it's not as good as those done in studios, and I'm just using an ordinary digicam, so... Here are some of it

Can't wait for my little Maco's 2nd month photoshoot!!! :D

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Our little Maco

December 13th of 2014, I gave birth to a very cute baby girl, her name is Mariana Coraline Contreras Ibañez. We call her Maco. Why the name? Mariana came from the name of Joshua's mom which was Ma. Ana, and Coraline came from the book written by Neil Gaiman. Coraline was actually chosen by Joshua.  I was thinking of naming her Mariana Cossandra, I asked a few friends, they didn't like it, so... Joshua won. Mariana Coraline it is. I actually like it, I just don't want to agree with Joshua. HAHA. No ragrets. Lol (ragrets, because this)

Here are some photos of my little one.

Damn giving birth was hard and painful as... Ugh. But, after seeing  your baby, all of the pain were gone. Seriously. I cried when I saw my baby Maco, can't explain how happy I was. And yes, I also cried because I know the pain's gone already. Haha


Hello! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know I've been away waaay too long because I've been busy with my baby girl. :) First time mom here and clueless as... Yeah. Lol! Also, my laptop acted up and I can't blog from there, I can't even upload photos. Ugh.

Anyway, I just want to share my experience on giving birth last December 13, 2014 that I wrote a month ago already which I totally forgot. Lol. Need to fix my laptop asap!!!! Ugh.

12.11.14 (December 11, 2014)

I had a headache.
I felt contractions, but  not that strong. I remember my ob told me that one of the symptoms is headache, so I thought I was about to give birth. I also had some strong contractions last December 8th, but it only lasted for less than 30 minutes, so I didn't really mind it. Back to December 11th, I told Joshua regarding it (he was in the office at that time-it was 3 in the afternoon), he told me to observe first and txt my ob. I did. Ob's secretary, Ate Lilet (I'm not sure with her …