Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kidz City at SM Aura Experience

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Kidz City at SM Aura, BGC. It was like Active Fun but smaller.

Located at the Basement 1 of SM Aura, Taguig
From the outside, it looks like there's so much activities you can do inside! And yes, it is true! It has more 'play areas' (if that's what you call it), in Kidz City than in Active Fun. With 'play areas', I mean like they have a mock room of a classroom, a hospital/nursery/dentist, club? (not entirely sure about this but it has a DJ controller/mixer), etc. Unlike with Active Fun, it's just like a big playground. But hey, I have nothing against Active Fun, I like it as much!

The staff were okay, they were scattered within Kidz City, though most of them were just at ground level talking at each other and none were at the upper level to look after the kids. Lol! But for me it was still okay since you could see the kids from the lower level, unless they're in the rooms. Yes. The lady assisting/looking after the bags at the time we visited was Idk, I think she's tired already at around 2 in the afternoon (lol), or I think she's sleepy, because she doesn't seem to be liking her job or whatever because she leaves the bags by itself considering the area wherein the bags were left was near the entrance. She was also not there the whole time. There were some who were okay but most of them were meh. And if I were to choose between the staff of Kidz City and Active Fun, I'd choose Active Fun's staff! They're really accommodating!

What! They're more expensive than Active Fun!? 
But what the hell is wrong with their staff?! Lol
I don't want to make a big deal about it, so let's just continue with my pictures, shall we? *wink

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy birthday, Pa!

My old man, it's been too long since you left us but still, it hurts like hell when I remember on how you did.

with my awesome Papa!
How I wish I was able to tell you over and over and over again on how much I love you. On how I would not let anybody hurt you. On how I am proud that you are my father. But, unfortunately, I failed in most of it.

I know I may have failed you in some ways, but Pa, I hope you're still proud of me in spite of all the things I have done. I know I am not the perfect daughter that you may have wanted, but I know you love me. I know you love me very much.

I just wish that you have told me sooner about your illness and all. But don't worry, I understand why you didn't. Maybe you thought I was too young for that shit. Hehehe!

I still remember the times we had spent together in our home in Antipolo. Every morning you wake me up for school, we had breakfast together with coffee on our rice, soft boiled egg, and your favorite tuyo. You in your red robe, sipping your coffee, and smoking your cigs. Haha! How I hated weekend nights because you're always out playing cards with our neighbors and I got to tell you, I never liked it! Hehe! And on Sundays we'd go to Church together, and sometimes we'll even eat at Jollibee or Tropical Hut. Every night we walk outside together after dinner talking how are days went. Oh how I miss those times! I even remember how you taught me on how to ride a bike. I was making kulit to you to buy me a bike even when I don't know how to ride one, because my friends had them. I won, you bought me, but see Pa, I learned how to ride it on the day you bought me the bike! I may have fell and had some bruises, but I learned. ;)

How I wish you were still here with us. How I wish you were able to see out little Macoki, and hear stories from you on how I was as a child, because of all people, I know you know me very well on how I was! Well, duh. Hahaha! But you gotta agree with me Pa, I look a lot like Maco when I was a baby, didn't I?

You left us too soon I wasn't able to thank you in person. Pa, thank you for everything you have given me. From all the pens and paper I hoard at National Bookstore, my guilty pleasure even back then, from the food I have eaten, the clothes I wore, the toys I played, for everything. You have given me all I needed and wanted, thank you very, very much. Thank you for not laying a hand on me even when I was such a brat. And for buying me Jollibee meals when I was sick. And for cooking hotdogs for me when we don't have anyone else in the house who knows how to cook because you-know-who left us. But you know what, why did you even stick with that woman? She's bad. There, I said it. I never liked her. How I wish we could go back and erase her in our lives, we might have a wonderful life. Hehehe!

My ten years with you was too short. How I wish I had at least thirty years with you. Why did you leave us so soon? Why did you leave me so soon? I miss you, Pa. I miss you everyday. I love you. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Our F1 Hotel Stay

My little awesome family tagged along with my sister-in-law's family's stay at F1 Hotel at BGC for her son's birthday staycation. They stayed there for two nights and they let us stay with them for the first night and with Joshua's other sister for the second night. :)

at the Hotel Lobby with Kuya Lucas
So how was F1 Hotel, physically? It was my first time at the said hotel and I might say it wasn't what I expected. I honestly thought it was bongga. Heehee. Or maybe there are just some construction going on by the area, hence the not-so-bongga vibes at the hotel. Hahaha if that makes sense ;P

It's so nice here, Mama!
(view from 5th floor Hotel Lobby)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Heads up! Gary V on Novuhair: Putting Energy into Prevention

​Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He is the very image of youthful vibrance, whether onstage or not. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he values the way he looks the same way that he values the core of who he is: a prayerful, faithful husband, dependable father, and an outstanding entertainer. 

​Part of what makes Gary stay young looking is his head of hair. What many people don’t know is that, like all other men his age, Gary once worried about hair thinning and hair loss. That’s why, at the first signs of the problem, Gary sought to find ways to prevent it from becoming worse. 
​“I first noticed the hair loss in the shower, after I toweled my hair dry. Then one day, my team of hairstylists noticed that my hair was thinning, too. That’s when they told me to look for the product that Fanny Serrano was using, a product called NOVUHAIR,” remarked Gary on his journey to regaining control over his hair loss.
​NOVUHAIR is a topical scalp lotion that is a unique combination of 14 different natural ingredients and essential oils for a healthier hair and scalp. One of the factors of hair loss, according to studies, is stress, something that Gary experiences on almost a daily basis. Other factors include hereditary disorders, a persistent illness, major surgery, hormonal problems, childbirth & delivery, medications, infections, pollutants, and even excessive exposure to sunlight. And contrary to popular belief, hair loss is as much a problem for women as it is for men. In many cases, hair loss may be prevented or alleviated through early detection. In the case of Gary, his decision to try NOVUHAIR to prevent his symptoms from worsening made a big difference, and within a few months, he saw remarkable results.
​Gary shares his experience with NOVUHAIR as he tells the story of their family hair history: “Hair loss runs in our family, too, even if it sometimes skips a generation. My brother and grandfather both lost their hair, but my dad still has a full head of hair at 87. I just wanted to make sure I take control of my symptoms. Now, I use NOVUHAIR everyday, and I’ve noticed that I don’t shed as much hair as I did before, especially after toweling my hair dry. And my hairstylists noticed it, too. I love using NOVUHAIR because it has this minty, cool effect that makes me feel like my hair is always clean and fresh.”

​“In less than a month and half, I already saw results even if I was told to wait three to four months before I can see a difference. The effects on me were much faster. There were fewer strands on my white towel, which basically was within the normal boundaries of hair loss for an average person. Before using NOVUHAIR, I used to shed more.” This is due to the fact that NOVUHAIR penetrates deep to help rejuvenate, nourish, & maintain moisture in the scalp and hair. By improving the blood circulation in the scalp, NOVUHAIR helps stimulate hair growth and aid in preventing further, excessive hair fall, while also improving the overall appearance of the hair.

​“I never endorse a product that I did not experience first. I have to make sure it is really effective. With Novuhair, I can say that it has really contributed to my peace of mind and overall well-being. And, heads up, as Novuhair is now part of my daily routine, which includes prayer, diet, and medication. God has truly lived up to his promise in my life, and as he says in Psalm 92:14 ‘I will keep you fruitful even in old age. Fresh and green.’ I am very happy now that Novuhair is a part of that.”

Gary V for Novuhair

NOVUHAIR, Nature’s Answer to Hair Loss is available in all Mercury Drug outlets, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug & Manson Drug, Metro Gaisano Pharmacy, The Landmark (Makati & TriNoma), J Centre Mall (Cebu), KCC Malls (Gen. Santos City & Koronadal City), NCCC Malls (Palawan & Davao), Gaisano Malls (Davao & Gen. Santos City) and online at and For inquiries, call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Have Your Suite-est Stay this Holiday at The Linden Suites!

With the many hotels in the metro, The Linden Suites stands out as being one that offers business or leisure travelers world class accommodations and notable service. The elegance and functionality of one of the top hotels in Pasig City is known for having spacious guestrooms.

Currently having 12 types of suites (Deluxe Room, One Bedroom Suites, Two Bedroom Suites, Three Bedroom Suites, and Penthouse Suites), guests also have recreation, dining and health facilities for a well rounded and relaxing stay.

The hotel offers a buffet breakfast; all day dining and room service, function spaces that can accommodate small and medium size groups are also available for business meetings and social events.

The Linden Suites is continuously enhancing its facilities such as with the newly refurbished suites complete with kitchen facilities, posh lobby, indoor heated swimming pool and more.
Located in Ortigas Center, major shopping malls and other leisure establishments are easily accessible.

Their in house dine establishment, Mesclun Restaurant And Café offers world-class international cuisine. Ideal for business breakfasts, lunch meetings, work dinners and family gatherings.
Guests can unwind at The Linden Suites Health Club which has a fully equipped gym, temperature-controlled indoor pool, jacuzzi hot tub, and a sauna and spa massage.
This holiday season The Linden Suites is offering you the Suite-est Holiday with these special rates.

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City 1600, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel: (63 2) 638 7878
Fax: (63 2) 638 7877 | (63 2) 631 6547

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little Lights: MMFF Animation Category Finalist

Manila, Philippines – “Little Lights” is a story about being born with a lack of light. More importantly, it shows what happens when we, as individuals and as a community, discover what it means to be empowered by our differences and similarities.
A physically weak but strong-minded firefly named Charlie is forced to face his fears. Charlie struggles, not only to overcome his fear of darkness, but also to find his place in his discord-riddled firefly community. But, in spite of his own weaknesses and the indifference of his fellow fireflies, Charlie sets out to become stronger, eventually leading his loved ones to safety when danger arises.
Told using a combination of unique visual and musical artistry, Little Lights aims to inspire others to find their own light and to not be afraid to share it.
Little Lights is a passion project that started with two artists, Rivelle Mallari and Regie Espiritu, who envisioned telling a story by combining the art of animation and a musical scoring.
Now, the Animation film is made available again to be seen in selected theatre this December. (Pls. see screening details below)

Now, let me show you this photo on how they made the movie!

Ooohh those drawings are beautiful even if I'm only seeing a few of it! Heehee. I want to see this film, not just because of it's visuals but also it's story! Based on what I just read, I think it's a pretty heart warming story, that the kids, and even us, would learn from!

About the Director:
Rivelle Mallari is a magna cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman in Bachelor in Arts in Film and Audio Visual Communication. Ever since, she loves arts specifically animated films
About the MMDA New Wave Section
Mr. Emerson Carlos, Chairman of MMDA, supports the MMFF’s New Wave Section and believes that this will create a venue for promising filmmakers to showcase their creativity and their talents.
Now on its third year, the Animation Category of the MMFF New Wave is continuous in its support of the thriving art of animated filmmaking in the Philippine film industry. Its objective is to cater and recognize the country's pool of talents in producing animated works that reflect not only the technical prowess of artist, but also their creativity in telling stories through visual narratives.
MMFF New Wave 2015 will run from December 17 to 24 at SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, and Robinsons Place Manila. 

Buy your tickets now!
Please contact Pat
Patricia Cabredo - 0927 222 2697
For more details:

Quick Post Monday on a Tuesday: Mumnesia

I know it's already Tuesday but...

Forgetful Coi
Since I forgot about the topic I should be writing for my Quick Post Monday, let's talk about it!

It's pretty funny, yes, but not really.

I used to be good on memory games back then, it was a favorite of mine actually. But after I gave birth, I realized I tend to forget most of the things even where I put my wallet that I just placed in the drawer 30 minutes earlier. I thought it was just me, so I worried for a while. And then I searched about it on the internet...

As what I've read, what causes it are hormonal changes, tiredness, lack of sleep and stress; and it should only be lasting for a few months after giving birth. I don't know what happened to my brain because I'm still forgetful until this day! Lol! But I might say though, it's not as bad as before! I still forget things from time to time but I remember them after a few mins or so, I just don't know why I can't remember the topic that I was supposed to be writing for my Quick Post Monday, but I remembered thinking I should've written it on a piece of paper but I didn't because I thought I wouldn't forget about it but I did. Hahahaha! The joke's on me! There you go, brain! Other parts told you to write it down so you wouldn't forget about it but you didn't! HA-HA!

Anyway, I forgot to say... being forgetful or what they usually call "mumnesia" or "mommy brain" is totally normal for moms like us so no need to worry! Because hello, we think about our child, our self, our spouse, almost everything! I mean, we should have Super as titles on our names, right?

With that said, I think I should make a list on the things that I should be doing for the day, my topics here, grocery list, and all that jazz from now on. Ciao!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Quick Post Monday: "A Second Chance"

I just started this "quick post Monday" thing last week and I almost forgot about it! 

Photo from

So, I want to talk about movies, A Second Chance specifically, yes, the most awaited John Lloyd-Bea movie. It just popped in my head the same time I remembered Quick Post Monday so I guess it's just fair. Lol! 

As we all know, the first movie, One More Chance, was a big hit. I, myself loved that movie! It was so real, the lines were perfect, and hello, it was a John Lloyd-Bea movie. And I guess one of the reasons it became a hit was- most people can relate to the movie! Heehee

So let's now go back to A Second Chance, at first I thought it was a joke, because why the hell would you destroy and make a sequel to an already perfect movie?! But, it's going to happen! No, they're not going to destroy and make a bad movie, well I we hope not! But, the expectations about this second sequel is high. For me, at least. I expect more of this movie, or maybe at least as good! I hope it would be as good as One More Chance

One More Chance has left a mark in most of the Filipinos' hearts and I think we already memorized it's lines. In fact, I am excited to hear the lines of Popoy and Basha on A Second Chance, oh man I really do hope it's just as good! But based on the trailer I've watched, I think it is! Kahit ano naman ata bitawan na salita ni John Lloyd on this movie or in any movie ay tagos sa puso! Haha!

Oh and another thing, I think I can relate to the first trailer they showed wherein Popoy and Basha were arguing about the chore that Popoy should've done, but he forgot and Basha exploded like hell. It was so like me! HAHAHA

Anyway, I'm hoping that A Second Chance will be a really, really good movie! 

Here's the first trailer they showed! Btw, I seriously thought we're done with these crappy wigs since it's already 2015 but I guess we're not! Haha!

Here;s the second trailer!

Disclaimer: this is in not sponsored at all. I'm just a fan expecting for a good sequel!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fund Raising Concert

Manila, Philippines - Lyric Opera of the Philippines and the Resorts World Manila to organize a special campaign for this year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness”.

“Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fundraising Concert” will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila on December 16, 2015. The event will start at 7:30pm as part of an ongoing campaign to fight Breast Cancer, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives over the years. The organizers aim to educate people about the symptoms of Breast Cancer, and what they can do to survive it. Each ticket you buy will send one Breast Cancer patient to much needed Chemotherapy Treatment.

You will be treated to a night of song and music courtesy of the conductor Chino Toledo and the Grupo 20/21 Orchestra. Artists who are expected to perform at the concert are Jose Mari Chan, Anna Feleo, Noel Azcona, Randy Gilongo, Sherwin Sozon, Franco and Ayen Laurel, John Glenn Gaerlan, Jane Wee, Andrea Melisa Camba, Stephanie Aguilar, Dave de Jesus, David Cicero Pado, Raymond Muyot, Nomher Nival, Mary Patrice Pacis, Naomi Sison and Marie Antonette Pascual.

Tickets for the event are available at the Ticketworld and

(Total Seats - Price)

SVIP 267 -PHP 3,000 
VIP 288- PHP 2,800 
GOLD 280 -PHP 2,500 
SILVER 439 -PHP 2,200 
BRONZE 126 -PHP 2,000

If asked for a code, kindly use CelebrateHope083

Resorts World Manila (RWM) is a leisure and entertainment destination in the Philippines that showcases thrilling lifestyle choices, unique events, first-rate performances and recreational thrills. Strategically located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a direct portal to the world-class hospitality of the Philippines. RWM is home to top-rate brands such as the Marriott Grand Ballroom, the Remington Hotel, the Marriott Hotel Manila, and Maxims Hotel. For more information, please visit

The goal of Lyric Opera of the Philippines is to offer opera productions of exceptional quality, and to develop an appreciation of the performing arts, music and opera through outreach and educational activities. The institution wants to emulate and recognize the efforts of legends such as Aurelio Estanislao, Manny Gregorio, Gamaliel Viray, Mamerto Villaba, Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, Sylia La Torre, Mercedes Matias Santiago, Salvacion Yniguez, Armida Siguon-Reyna, Gloria Coronel, Conching Rosal and Irma Potenciano. For more information, please visit

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quick Post Monday: What's Wrong with the World, Mama?

Okay, so I am going to start this Quick Post Monday thingie that I thought just a few minutes ago. Yes, this isn't thought through and I'm sorry if I'm going to suck at this, but here we go.

Basically, I'm going to post anything and everything that I'm thinking at the moment, or I want to share my thoughts with. It may or may not be related to mom stuff. Okay, whatever. And it's just short. I'm not going to put this on draft and go back to it to check with grammar and everything. So maybe this is a Draft Post Monday, well whatever. So let's start!

I think we already know about what happened in Paris by now. It is so sad with what's happening around us, not just in Paris, but all over the world, especially in Syria. The innocent children and even babies who know nothing about this has lost their lives because of this inhumane activities. What's wrong with us, humans?

I'm afraid for my little girl and for every child of this generation in the coming years, what life would they have if this will continue? But how are we going to stop it? Can we? I guess so. We must.

Don't these killers have families or children? Is this the life they wanted their little children or siblings to live in the future?

I want my little girl and every child of this generation to have a happy and peaceful life that I believe we had during our early years. I, myself may not have the best childhood there was but I think during those days, people value life more. Now, it seems like life is nothing for some people. Heartbreaking but true.

Anyway, it's a Monday and I don't want to have a Sad Day Monday, but I'm going to share this...

Listen to every word they sang. Now, where is the love?

TV4ME.PH Launch

At this age, most people spend most of their time on the internet. I am guilty of that as well. But can we really avoid it if most of the things now-a-days can be seen/reached with just one click? I think not.

We can listen to music, watch videos, talk to our loved ones, even order our meal for the day, almost everything we can do on the internet. I think we can even do it all at the same time! Crazy isn't it?!

A new addition to the sites we frequently visit... brought  to us by Brand New Media and Media5!

What is

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How I Put My Kulit Baby to Sleep

She's really makulit now-a-days it frustrates me sometimes. She wanted to touch everything, taste everything, reach for the hardest things to be able to reach, and so on. Well, she's a a curious baby, and I love it, but sometimes I just want to sit down and chill, you know. Haha!

At night, especially when she's about to go to bed, she's still very active, I don't know where she gets her energy. She crawls from the other end of the bed to the other, reach for the things on the top drawers, pull out her baby wipes and put it in her mouth. Just a typical growing baby.

So what do I do to put her to sleep?

First, I let her play.
And then I clean her using some warm water and towelette.
Change her clothes and nappies.
Turn off the lights and nurse her.
That's it.

No special anything. I let her play before bed to exhaust her. And then I give her warm sponge bath from head to toeand change her clothes to feel relaxed and presko. And when I turn off the lights to nurse her, bam! She's asleep. But, if she's still very active even after all the play she did and after her warm bath, I let her play in the bedroom again to exhaust her more. If it's really hot in the afternoon or if she gets malagkit at night, I bathe her with warm water so she'll be really presko before sleeping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maco's Active Fun Adventure

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law, her kids, Maco and myself went to Active Fun BGC to have some fun! *wink

I was too excited I bathe Maco and myself real early. Heehee.

But first, family picture!

"Hi! I'm ready for Active Fun!"

I've been to Active Fun BGC before and I liked it. Though I was not able to go inside the 'playground' but I find it quite big. Fast forward to the day I was able to get inside the 'playground', I must say it was pretty huge. We only got the 30-mins pass and I think only 10-15 mins passed and I was tired already. But it was really fun! My little munchkin, especially my niece and nephew enjoyed it!

"Mama was afraid of this"

"Okay Ma, let's slide!!!"

"My other sock is just somewhere here in the playground, Ma"

"I said it's just somewhere here, don't worry!"

"Ma, I want to take piano lessons"

"May I? Pweaasseee?"

Where's Macoki?

Shameless selfie of the Mothah
I forgot to include my thoughts of Active Fun BGC hehe! I like it but I think they need to upgrade their A/C units esp that they have glass walls, it's pretty warm while we were playing during the day around 1-2 in the afternoon. Also, please add more of those plastic balls. Hehehe!

Also, here are the Rates!
Half Hour - P 175.00
One Hour - P 225.00
Unli Play - P 395.00
30 mins. Extension - P115.00
Adult Pass - P 125.00

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maco's First Trick or Treat

Since we weren't able to attend the Halloween Spooktacular event at Active Fun BGC, I tried to find halloween parties for my little girl that's free or not that expensive but I didn't find any. Luckily though they have an annual Halloween Trick or Treat at my sister-in-law, Ate Jac's, place. So yey!!!

Side Story: The day before the Trick or Treat at my SIL's place we went to Active Fun and there I saw the High Street's Halloween Party poster which will happen the next day, it's free to go trick or treating but to get loot bags and be in the program, you have to have a minimum purchase worth Php 1,500. So what about no. Besides we'll be going to my SIL's the same day as High Street's Halloween Party! 

The 31st came and I thought I don't want to use the fairy costume she was supposed to use at Spooktacular so instead, I made her a 'ghost' costume! I searched for pegs online and it was pretty easy to do so why not! All I needed was an old white shirt, a needle and thread, a pair of scissors, and a marker. Good thing I have those with me and I didn't need to buy anymore! So here's what I did!!! I'm really proud with what I made, though the 'ghost face' was not on the center but kebs. My little munchkin's such a cutie ghost, don't you agree? Heehee

"I'm a ghost, duh!"

"Am I a cutie, Papa?"
We thought we won't catch the trick or treating because it was pretty late already but we did! Yey!! Right after we got off the car, we hurriedly went to the lady giving out candies! Ahhh!! Maco's mama and papa were really excited! Hahaha! I guess know it's one of the reasons that I wanted my little munchkin to join, it was also a first time for me! I haven't joined a halloween party when I was a kid even in my teen years, so you could just picture my excitement about this! Hahaha!

with Ate Dylan and Papa!

"Mama let's go faster! I want to get more candies for you and Papa!" HAHAHA

with Kuya Lucas and Papa! "Aahhh!! I see candies Mama!!"


"Thank you very much po!!!"

We roamed around for only a 15mins or so and it was so fun! Seeing other kids in costumes were sooo cute!! I think I'll add Halloween to one of my favorite holidays!! I love it! Especially putting my little one in costume!

Looking forward to next year's trick or treat! Already thinking what the 3 of us be for next year's Halloween! Hmmm ;)