Rashes during Pregnancy

Wow! It's been too long since my last blog post. The reason for that was... I got skin rashes and because of that, I became uncomfortable moving, nervous until the day I had my check up done, and my hands were quite busy scratching my body. Lol

I think I got it around 3rd week of October, I started scratching my arms and legs thinking it was just nothing. I already have stretchmarks on my tummy area so I think I was just itchy because of something I ate or because of some insect bite or because I haven't got a shower yet. I usually take my warm bath at night time because it's more comfortable to sleep that way, it's presko. The day after, my arms and legs are still itchy and it's getting more and more uncomfortable. There are no rashes yet, though my skin is kind of red because of all the scratching I did. A couple of days later, bumps showed, there are butlig butlig on my arms and legs, worse is that because of my non-stop scratching, I'm having wounds, like bite marks from some sort of insect. I started asking my husband's Ate, my cousin, and some friends I know that already got pregnant, unfortunately, they didn't have such skin issue like mine. I'm afraid it was something serious. My husband told that it doesn't look like chickenpox so I was quite relieved, though I still am not sure what was the reason for my rashes, hence I am still a bit nervous. I was over-thinking. So, my husband and I searched on the internet. Yup, took me days before searching about it on the internet. Not a good thing. Also, you might be thinking, why didn't you go to your ob right away? Well, because financially. I just had my check up done, I got vaccine which was quite pricey and also not part of our budget, and we already bought some stuff for our baby, so... Budgeting, that's one hell of our problem. Anyway...

I think I got PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy). Read more about it here. So, after reading that, our remedy was cold compress. After a couple of nights of having cold compress, I noticed my rashes are fading and gets less and less itchy. Which I think is a good sign!

October 23rd, my husband accompanied me to my OB, but my OB had an emergency that day, so another OB checked me. I told her regarding my rashes, she said that some pregnant moms get it by the first trimester and that there's nothing to worry about. She asked me what was I doing since it was fading already, told her that when I searched about it on the net, one of the home remedies is cold compress, and that's what I've been doing. She didn't give me any ointments, or any meds for the rashes. Finally, I can breathe. :)

Let me show you some photos I took. (the rashes are already fading on these photos, though)
my right leg

my upper left leg

my lower left leg
Was not able to take photos of my arms because it's quite hard and I don't have a tripod. Boo

My tip to the pregnant moms out there, if you encounter such skin issue like mine, it's best to go to your ob right away. I thank God that the rashes I got were nothing serious.



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