Hello, October!

Since that is what I've been seeing on my facebook feed today, why not make it my title here? Haha!

Ah, October.

When I was still in college, I love this month because it screams SEMBREAK! But now, it screams BIRTHDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, AND MORE BIRTHDAYS! (try reading that the way SpongeBob say it on Nickelodeon. Hehe) Just on the first week itself, we have 3 celebrants here at home already. Which is quite exciting! Yey! 

And look what we received today. It's not even my father-in-law's birthday yet. Should we clap? Lol

the controversial 1,000PHP cake.
(oops sorry, 500PHP lang pala)
Thank you, People of Makati, for the cake! Lulz! 
How does it taste? It's sweet. I don't think it would be good for our Senior Citizens, but well, okay. It free so... or rather, it came from our taxes, so it's fine.

Sana may kasamang pansit. Chos!



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