3d4d Ultrasound

My husband and I been wanting to try 3d4d ultrasound because we really want to see our baby girl already. We're that excited. Haha! Though at first I was hesitant because of some comments that I've read saying "it's bad for the baby because of the heat, etc"... So I asked my ob regarding this matter, and she said it's fine and even gave me a prescription letter for 3d4d ultrasound. So of course, I searched for ultrasound centers that has 3d4d near our place (or is accessible enough to go to) and is affordable. 

Here is a list of the ultrasound centers that I was able to contact:

Top Health Medical Clinic
SM San Lazaro
Contact nos: 353-4461 to 62    or   353-2575
Without report                   950PHP
With report                    1,600PHP
With report & video        3,300PHP

In My Womb
SM Megamall
Pearl Package                 3,000PHP

Mega Clinic
SM Megamall Bldg. A 5th Floor
Contact nos: 637-9661 to 68
Photo, report, video       3,300PHP

St. Clare's
Dian St., B rgy. Palanan, Makati
Contact nos: 831-6511
Photo, report, video       4,310PHP

Makati Medical Center
Contact nos: 888-8999 loc 3502
                                     4,000PHP (at least)
*didn't give me details

VRP Medical Center
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Contact nos: 464-9999
CD, 2d pics                     3,800PHP

Medical City
Pasig City
Contact nos: 635-6789 loc 6336
CD, Pic, Biometry         4,290PHP

World Of My Baby (W.O.M.B)
The Podium, Mandaluyong City
Contact nos: 404-3788
Email: ask@worldofmybabyinc.com
World Premiere Package       2,000PHP

Actually, our first choice was Top Health since it was the cheapest one, but, they're the farthest from our place, too (which I think is not a good thing). I just thank the internettes for forums and for the moms at that forum at femalenetwork.com, I was able to find World Of My Baby (WOMB) Ultrasound Center. *insert dancing self here*

I just contacted them through email and they are nice enough to even reply to me late at night! So I booked an appointment on my husband's birthday, last October 6th, Monday. People at WOMB were really nice, even the OB Sonologist. :) I highly recommend this ultrasound center, wish I had done my 2d ultrasound there. Also, our baby girl's really cooperative that day! First look and we were able to see her face! Husband and I can't help but smile all through out the ultrasound.

*Will post photos on my next post



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