What's happening?


Today, I woke up to a downpour, it was almost 12 noon and as what I've read on twitter, typhoon Mario has just landed, though it has been raining since midnight. I know, right? Lol! Anyway, it would have been nice to cuddle but husband's gone to work already, so there goes my cuddle buddy. Haha!

In regard to typhoon Mario, there were no thunder, no hard wind- just rain. But, it was continuous. It just stopped at around 8 this evening. Many areas in Metro Manila has been flooded, many were stranded. Hopefully those who were stranded earlier were able to go home by now. Thank God husband's office is just around the corner or I will be paranoid. Also, no family, relatives and friends were hurt due to typhoon Mario. Thank goodness!!

Also, another story is regarding Mayon Volcano... Not yet sure with the whole story, but I think it was about to erupt? Not really sure, so I will try to read more about that matter. So, for now I guess we're on standby. Oh my pamaypay! What is happeniiiiiiiiing!!!!

Hoping typhoon Mario is gone by now.
Praying for everyone's safety.
Pls not now Mayon.

11:17pm... Started raining again.



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