Afternoon boredom

Hello there moms, mommies, mamas, nanays, mothers all over the worldwide web! 

I've been meaning to start a blog on being a mother, specifically on being a first time mom like myself since I don't know when. And since, I've got not much to do this Thursday afternoon, I thought... Why not now? So here it is! I just want to share with my fellow nanays (or to anyone) out there my journey on being a first time mom, hopefully someone out there will share their stories with me, too. Also, some tips! Hehe :-)

Anyway, I am now 7th month pregnant, and I love it! Though it may be hard at times, because well... there comes a time my back hurts, tummy hurts and all.Well, generally it is quite hard moving around with a big tummy, and knowing that your precious baby is in there, so being extra extra extra careful is a must. And I'm a klutz, so yeah.

Well, here goes my first entry! Laters

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