3rd post Introduction

Good morning! 

It's just 11:30 in the morning and I'm in the mood to post. Anyway, I woke up a bit earlier than usual today, around 10 in the morning. Maybe because I was expecting Joshua's (my husband) niece and nephew would be here!

Anyway, as what the title is about, this is somehow my introduction about myself and this blog. So, let's start...

me and joshua (taken last year, i guess)

Hello! My name is Coi (like the fish, yes), I'm 25, a wife to Joshua and soon-to-be-mom to our baby girl, who is due this December of 2014. *excitement* I just want to share my journey on this what they call motherhood. Truth be told, I'm not yet quite ready. I'm still afraid, yes. But I know my husband, family, and friends would be there, so I guess there's not much to be afraid of. When I first knew I was pregnant, I don't know how to react, honestly. Though Joshua was the one who was really excited at that time. He was jumping! Literally, jumping in our room! And when I saw that reaction of him, I was relieved. I was afraid that he'd be sad, that he'd be like, "why now? blah blah blah". Because I know a few people who got pregnant and their boyfriends/husbands left them after a few tries of being a "good" father. Well, I was like that before. No, I did not get pregnant. But, both parents left me because I don't know why. Maybe they're not ready? Though they've got a few sons and daughters already, so. I really don't know why. Maybe they're just both cowards. Let's leave it at that.

*awkward silence*

Okay, let me show you my baby when she was just 20 weeks!

that's her! she's somewhere there hehe

Look at that! In all honesty though, I really can't tell where she was there. The time I got that ultrasound, I think the OB is kind of mataray/mahangin, and she was like "there she is, can't you see?", and I was like, "no, I can't see her", and she was like "what? there she is! look at it this way, blah blah blah...", and since I am pregnant, I immediately got pissed and I just said, "yes, I can see her already!", just to end it, though in my head I was like "man I can't see her, this is my first time, and can't you be a little more patient? I mean you've been doing this for how long already, so don't expect your patients to know it like you do". But I did not say it because it will just waste both our times, though I think it would have been better if I was able to express my point...or whatever, well it's done already, so. I think that's all I have to say for now. 



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