Thursday, December 4, 2014

Excited! And I just can't hide it

Well, it's been a while... or should I say, it's been too long, yet again. :) I'm just busy preparing for the time I'll see my baby girl. It could be any day now. Exciteeeeed! I think I'll see her by next week already! Excited and a bit nervous. Nervous because of the thorough explanation the anesthesiologist told me weeks ago. Yes, I'm a bit afraid because of the detailed things she told me, on how to put the epidural, etc. Why did she have to tell me all of those? Though of course, it is a good thing so that we'll not be shocked during the procedure. I'm not afraid of needles, I just don't like the thought of it. Lol

Anyway, I'm trying to forget the epidural thing, so I'm already planning for my baby's baptism. I'm already designing the invitations  (yes, I want to design it myself), trying to find caterers (though I already have one in mind), finding a possible reception place, etc. Also, I'm thinking of  Dr. Seuss as the theme for my baby girl's baptismal celebration.

So, I guess I'll be back when my baby girl's here already! 


Friday, November 7, 2014

Sale Alert!

Hi there fellow moms-to-be and moms! :)

Just want to share these events happening in Market! Market! 

I know it's been happening since November 4th, but as what they say...
Better late than never! Hehe! You still have today and tomorrow! :D

Enjoy your weekend moms! :)


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Laundry detergent for Baby Clothes

Honestly, I didn't know that there are different detergent for baby clothes out there. All I planned was to bring the baby clothes to the laundry shop and let them wash it (thinking it would be cleaner that way), and it could be used by my baby already. But apparently, no, it's not how it's supposed to be. Babies are VIP so they should have their own laundry detergent. Lol. Kidding aside, babies have really sensitive skin hence they have their own laundry detergent to avoid skin allergies, rashes, and whatever bad things that could happen to their skin. 

So, as a 21st century mom like myself, I searched the internet, read on forums (on femalenetwork and smartparenting) because I want to know other moms' story regarding the detergent they're using/used. And I bumped into these products that most moms are using / have used that are given positive feedback.

1. Cycles  
Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies

1.5 L
800 ml
250 ml

1 kg
100 g

Stain Soaker

Cycles also have these new products called Cycles Sensitive. Cycles Sensitive products are mainly for the baby itself, they have head-to-toe wash, baby lotion, protective diaper cream, and insect repellents. These products are hypoallergenic, fragance-free, and paraben-free.

I don't have the prices for these detergents yet. Will update soon as I have it.

950 ml                299.75 Php

1000 g                199.75 Php

*Based on their website, they don't have other sizes for these products.

3. SmartSteps Baby Laundry Detergent

1.5 L
900 ml

900 g
450 g

Baby Fabric Softener:
1.5 L
900 ml

Baby Bottle Cleanser:
400 ml
250 ml

I've seen this product in Landmark Makati already but I was not able to get the prices. Boo!

I don't have the prices for these detergents yet. Will update soon as I have it.

4. Perla White

This product is basically available in all supermarkets, and even in sari-sari stores near you. I believe this has been used by moms from many generations already. Since this is a really mild soap, some even use it for the face, that's how mild this product is.

Anyway, among all of the products mentioned, this is the cheapest, though it doesn't come in powder or liquid form.

1 L                            177 Php

Messy Baby Dish & Bottle Cleaner:
500 ml                       166 Php

Messy Baby Toy & Surface Cleaner:
200 ml                         90 Php

Messy Baby Head-to-Toe Wash:
500 ml                        220 Php

Messy Baby Bug Repellent Cologne:
200 ml                         180 Php

Messy Baby Pocket Sanitizer:
100 ml                          90 Php

*Not sure if I've read about this product on the forums, but I've read about this on a magazine, forgot what magazine it was though.

As for now, these are the only products I know that are mild enough to be used for baby clothes. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

Rashes during Pregnancy

Wow! It's been too long since my last blog post. The reason for that was... I got skin rashes and because of that, I became uncomfortable moving, nervous until the day I had my check up done, and my hands were quite busy scratching my body. Lol

I think I got it around 3rd week of October, I started scratching my arms and legs thinking it was just nothing. I already have stretchmarks on my tummy area so I think I was just itchy because of something I ate or because of some insect bite or because I haven't got a shower yet. I usually take my warm bath at night time because it's more comfortable to sleep that way, it's presko. The day after, my arms and legs are still itchy and it's getting more and more uncomfortable. There are no rashes yet, though my skin is kind of red because of all the scratching I did. A couple of days later, bumps showed, there are butlig butlig on my arms and legs, worse is that because of my non-stop scratching, I'm having wounds, like bite marks from some sort of insect. I started asking my husband's Ate, my cousin, and some friends I know that already got pregnant, unfortunately, they didn't have such skin issue like mine. I'm afraid it was something serious. My husband told that it doesn't look like chickenpox so I was quite relieved, though I still am not sure what was the reason for my rashes, hence I am still a bit nervous. I was over-thinking. So, my husband and I searched on the internet. Yup, took me days before searching about it on the internet. Not a good thing. Also, you might be thinking, why didn't you go to your ob right away? Well, because financially. I just had my check up done, I got vaccine which was quite pricey and also not part of our budget, and we already bought some stuff for our baby, so... Budgeting, that's one hell of our problem. Anyway...

I think I got PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy). Read more about it here. So, after reading that, our remedy was cold compress. After a couple of nights of having cold compress, I noticed my rashes are fading and gets less and less itchy. Which I think is a good sign!

October 23rd, my husband accompanied me to my OB, but my OB had an emergency that day, so another OB checked me. I told her regarding my rashes, she said that some pregnant moms get it by the first trimester and that there's nothing to worry about. She asked me what was I doing since it was fading already, told her that when I searched about it on the net, one of the home remedies is cold compress, and that's what I've been doing. She didn't give me any ointments, or any meds for the rashes. Finally, I can breathe. :)

Let me show you some photos I took. (the rashes are already fading on these photos, though)
my right leg

my upper left leg

my lower left leg
Was not able to take photos of my arms because it's quite hard and I don't have a tripod. Boo

My tip to the pregnant moms out there, if you encounter such skin issue like mine, it's best to go to your ob right away. I thank God that the rashes I got were nothing serious.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Baby Girl

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to have our 3d4d ultrasound at World Of My Baby (W.O.M.B) last Monday. We chose the World Premiere Package which includes 5 B&W thermal prints, 5 colored photos, and OB report which costs 2,000PHP. I think it was quite a deal unlike to some ultrasound centers that includes photos and report at around 3,000PHP, also staff and OB at W.O.M.B were really nice.

Anyway, here are the photos of our baby girl...

smiling bb girl! :)

joshua said the lips came from him

SO CUTE!!! I want to see her already and pinch her cheeks!!! I love you my #QTP2T baby girl!


Check-Up: Oct. 7, 2014

My check-up was supposed to be October 6th, my man's birthday, and we thought it was great since he would be able to accompany me by then. But, a couple of days after I had my check-up last September 22nd, we received a text message saying we have to reschedule to October 7th since October 6th is a holiday. (I honestly thought they're exempted for the holidays. lol) Well, okay.

What happened during the check-up...

My ob-gyn, Dra. Aquias, gave me flu vaccine since she told me babies cannot have flu vaccine until their 6th month, meaning from 0-6 months they're unprotected, so they gave me the vaccine for the baby will be protected until the baby's 6th month. 

Dra. Aquias asked me if I have cramps every now and then, I said yes, so she doubled my intake of calcium. She also gave me malunggay supplement, Natalac, for my breast milk. Hoping I have breast milk as soon as my baby arrives.

I just found out that malunggay is good for lactating moms. Meh

It was just a quick check-up since my ob-gyn actually have an emergency that day and she had to go somewhere else right after she finishes the check-ups. Also, it was raining hard and it was almost 5pm, and I don't want to be stuck in traffic.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3d4d Ultrasound

My husband and I been wanting to try 3d4d ultrasound because we really want to see our baby girl already. We're that excited. Haha! Though at first I was hesitant because of some comments that I've read saying "it's bad for the baby because of the heat, etc"... So I asked my ob regarding this matter, and she said it's fine and even gave me a prescription letter for 3d4d ultrasound. So of course, I searched for ultrasound centers that has 3d4d near our place (or is accessible enough to go to) and is affordable. 

Here is a list of the ultrasound centers that I was able to contact:

Top Health Medical Clinic
SM San Lazaro
Contact nos: 353-4461 to 62    or   353-2575
Without report                   950PHP
With report                    1,600PHP
With report & video        3,300PHP

In My Womb
SM Megamall
Pearl Package                 3,000PHP

Mega Clinic
SM Megamall Bldg. A 5th Floor
Contact nos: 637-9661 to 68
Photo, report, video       3,300PHP

St. Clare's
Dian St., B rgy. Palanan, Makati
Contact nos: 831-6511
Photo, report, video       4,310PHP

Makati Medical Center
Contact nos: 888-8999 loc 3502
                                     4,000PHP (at least)
*didn't give me details

VRP Medical Center
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Contact nos: 464-9999
CD, 2d pics                     3,800PHP

Medical City
Pasig City
Contact nos: 635-6789 loc 6336
CD, Pic, Biometry         4,290PHP

World Of My Baby (W.O.M.B)
The Podium, Mandaluyong City
Contact nos: 404-3788
World Premiere Package       2,000PHP

Actually, our first choice was Top Health since it was the cheapest one, but, they're the farthest from our place, too (which I think is not a good thing). I just thank the internettes for forums and for the moms at that forum at, I was able to find World Of My Baby (WOMB) Ultrasound Center. *insert dancing self here*

I just contacted them through email and they are nice enough to even reply to me late at night! So I booked an appointment on my husband's birthday, last October 6th, Monday. People at WOMB were really nice, even the OB Sonologist. :) I highly recommend this ultrasound center, wish I had done my 2d ultrasound there. Also, our baby girl's really cooperative that day! First look and we were able to see her face! Husband and I can't help but smile all through out the ultrasound.

*Will post photos on my next post


Sunday, October 5, 2014

My man's birthday!

In a few hours, we will be celebrating my man's birthday! We already celebrated a little earlier, we ate at his Ate's house and they drank some tequila. It was not as grand as how we used to do it, but it was fun. :)

4 years ago?

a year ago?

this year :)

Dear Joshua, 
You are now turning a year older, though not older than me, because it will never happen... Boo! I am thankful that I have met you. Our start may not be as smooth or as romantic as what others had, but now, it doesn't really matter, does it? We've gone through good and bad things and even worst things, but still we're together, and forever we will be. We may not be perfect as a couple, or even as individuals, but hey I think we're quite perfect for each other. 
Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the love. Thank you because it is you who I will spend the rest of my life with. Thank you because it is you who is the father of my baby girl. 
I know you are the greatest father our daughter will ever have.
I love you.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello, October!

Since that is what I've been seeing on my facebook feed today, why not make it my title here? Haha!

Ah, October.

When I was still in college, I love this month because it screams SEMBREAK! But now, it screams BIRTHDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, AND MORE BIRTHDAYS! (try reading that the way SpongeBob say it on Nickelodeon. Hehe) Just on the first week itself, we have 3 celebrants here at home already. Which is quite exciting! Yey! 

And look what we received today. It's not even my father-in-law's birthday yet. Should we clap? Lol

the controversial 1,000PHP cake.
(oops sorry, 500PHP lang pala)
Thank you, People of Makati, for the cake! Lulz! 
How does it taste? It's sweet. I don't think it would be good for our Senior Citizens, but well, okay. It free so... or rather, it came from our taxes, so it's fine.

Sana may kasamang pansit. Chos!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Baby Essentials

I've been browsing on Instagram to look for cute clothes, shoes, costumes, and even toys for my baby girl which is really exciting but, not really a must, as of now. Yes, it is good to buy some of those beforehand, but I think I must focus more on the necessities of my baby before she arrived. Since I am clueless on what would be the essentials for my coming baby, of course, I googled. Lol! I've checked several sites, and came up with my own, I've added and/or removed a few since I don't think I will be able to use the same as what others are using/used.

Here are the things on my list:
Baby Wipes

Newborn Diapers
Diaper Bag
(or any cloth for wiping off baby's burp or anything)

4 oz feeding bottles (at least 2)

Baby Tie Side Shirt
(not really sure what you call those. hehe
also, i think this is better than shirts since it's hot here in the Ph.
it's easier to wear on babies, too.)
(i think theyre cute, and i already have lots
of these given to me, so. haha

Newborn Hat, Socks, Mittens
(at least 3 sets)
Infant Pajama Pants 
Hooded Baby Towels

Ointment for Diaper Rash

Baby Bath Tub 

Baby Soap / Shampoo
Crib (i would love to have a convertible crib
like this, but since it's too expensive here in the Ph,
any crib would do as long as baby's comfortable)


For Mom:

Nursing Bra
Breast Pump (I really want my baby to be breast fed,
so Im hoping my breast milk would last for a long time)

Feeding Bottle Cleaner
This list might be too short for some, I may be forgetting some things but these are the things that popped in my head at this very moment. I don't want to have a lot on my list, buy those, and regret after because I wasn't able to use it. 

*I may update this if there are some things to be added that I think is essential for my newborn. 

*all photos from Google Images

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sale Alert!

Hi Moms and Soon-to-be Moms out there!

I was with my Mother-in-law at Cash and Carry Makati earlier and saw that they are having a sale of baby stuff! Yes! 

I did not have any money with me earlier so I was not able to buy anything. :-( But, my mother-in-law bought this set of socks for my baby girl which costs for only Php 150 (not yet the discounted price)!!!

look how cute these are!!! 
There are lots of baby stuff on sale! From baby feeding bottles to cribs! Even toys! I saw this set of two Avent baby feeding bottles in 9oz which are only for Php700+! I think it was a steal! No, I don't think it was a steal, it is a steal! Hoping I could come back there with my husband and buy stuff for our baby until sale is still  happening! 

Another sale happening in Market! Market!

As of now, these are the only baby sales I know! If some of you moms out there know any sale going on right now, feel free to leave comments!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Check-Up: Sept. 22,2014

Yey internet connection's back! WTF PLDT!!!! In red and all caps because we're all angry here at home. Lol

Okay, so let's talk about my check-up which happened yesterday, Sept. 22,2014, Monday. So, I grabbed a taxi near our place, (yes I was alone because everyone's in the office, and there's no one available to accompany me) and on every red light, the taxi I'm riding in was always the last to move, I was wondering why. I thought he was texting (which is bad. Never text and drive!!) but worse than texting while driving? Yes, manong driver was sleeping during stops! I had to wake him up every time the light turns green! And I thought since he knew that I knew that he was sleeping, he would stay awake, but no, he did not. But thank God nothing bad happened. 

So, what happened during the check-up? Dra. Aquias, my Ob-Gyne, first asked questions of course, how was I, etc... I told her regarding my back pain, which she said is due to the weight my baby's gaining, hence my tummy's getting bigger. She recommended maternity support belt, it would help lessen the back pain. Also, I told her my sleeping time problem. These past weeks, I've been sleeping really late, 2AM late, and I would wake up at around 5AM-7AM to pee, have some snacks and I really can't go back to sleep right after, it would be an hour after or more. I really don't know why. Dra. Aquias said that having warm milk or warm bath would help. She told me that it is best to have at least 6-hour straight of sleep, which I am not getting. :-(

And then, as what we usually do during check-ups, I was able to listen to my baby's heartbeat again! :-) I really love that sound! It's like music to my ears. A bit OA but that is how I'm feeling everytime I hear her heartbeat. Hihihi. And then, she gave me TDAP vaccine which means Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis. She was just telling me about it first, and then I suddenly got one! Lol. Also, she prescribed me the same vitamins I've been taking for like 3 months already (?) (sorry, not sure. eek!).

In case some of you are wondering what TDAP is, here it is:
What is the Tdap vaccine?The Tdap vaccine offers protection from three serious diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough). It's the first booster designed to protect adults and adolescents from whooping cough, a very contagious disease that they're at risk for themselves and can pass on to babies.Whooping cough can result in months of coughing, cracked ribs from severe coughing spells, pneumonia, and other complications. While you probably got vaccinated against this disease as a child, the immunity wanes over time.Whooping cough can be life-threatening for babies who are less than a year old. And they're most likely to catch the disease from household members and other close contacts who might not even know they're infected. So vaccinating adults and adolescents against whooping cough also helps protect babies from the disease.What's more, if you get the Tdap vaccine before or during pregnancy, your baby is likely to get antibodies from you during pregnancy that will offer her some protection as a newborn, when she's still too young to be vaccinated herself. 

Anyway, if some are wondering how I found out about Dra. Aquias, she was recommended to us by my my sister-in-law. I also recommend to you, moms-to-be out there, because she's easy to talk to, unlike the previous doctors that I had my check-up with. Also, her assistant there is really nice!

Here are her contact details:
Dra. Regina Aquias
Medical City
Unit 910 MATI, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City
Tel.: 635-6789 loc 5107 / 636-7476
M/TH/F/Sat: 9am-1pm    T/TH: 2pm-6pm

Saturday, September 20, 2014

3rd post Introduction

Good morning! 

It's just 11:30 in the morning and I'm in the mood to post. Anyway, I woke up a bit earlier than usual today, around 10 in the morning. Maybe because I was expecting Joshua's (my husband) niece and nephew would be here!

Anyway, as what the title is about, this is somehow my introduction about myself and this blog. So, let's start...

Friday, September 19, 2014

What's happening?


Today, I woke up to a downpour, it was almost 12 noon and as what I've read on twitter, typhoon Mario has just landed, though it has been raining since midnight. I know, right? Lol! Anyway, it would have been nice to cuddle but husband's gone to work already, so there goes my cuddle buddy. Haha!

In regard to typhoon Mario, there were no thunder, no hard wind- just rain. But, it was continuous. It just stopped at around 8 this evening. Many areas in Metro Manila has been flooded, many were stranded. Hopefully those who were stranded earlier were able to go home by now. Thank God husband's office is just around the corner or I will be paranoid. Also, no family, relatives and friends were hurt due to typhoon Mario. Thank goodness!!

Also, another story is regarding Mayon Volcano... Not yet sure with the whole story, but I think it was about to erupt? Not really sure, so I will try to read more about that matter. So, for now I guess we're on standby. Oh my pamaypay! What is happeniiiiiiiiing!!!!

Hoping typhoon Mario is gone by now.
Praying for everyone's safety.
Pls not now Mayon.

11:17pm... Started raining again.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Afternoon boredom

Hello there moms, mommies, mamas, nanays, mothers all over the worldwide web! 

I've been meaning to start a blog on being a mother, specifically on being a first time mom like myself since I don't know when. And since, I've got not much to do this Thursday afternoon, I thought... Why not now? So here it is! I just want to share with my fellow nanays (or to anyone) out there my journey on being a first time mom, hopefully someone out there will share their stories with me, too. Also, some tips! Hehe :-)

Anyway, I am now 7th month pregnant, and I love it! Though it may be hard at times, because well... there comes a time my back hurts, tummy hurts and all.Well, generally it is quite hard moving around with a big tummy, and knowing that your precious baby is in there, so being extra extra extra careful is a must. And I'm a klutz, so yeah.

Well, here goes my first entry! Laters

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