Oh hey, it's 2019!

Oh hello there!

It seems like I've forgotten my blog. But not really! Just really busy with life as what we always say. ;)

A few days ago, I just realized my blogging e-mail was signed out of my phone... and it's been months! The e-mails I saw have been there since October of last year. Ohmygosh. I am so sorry I wasn't able to reply!

But anyway, this first month of 2019 is kind of not what I was hoping for. We've been coming to the hospital for almost every other day for tests and check-ups of my little girl. But thankfully she's okay now. :)

Now, it's my husband and my father-in-law who are sick. It's nothing serious, it's just cough and colds, but still. Praying for a better health for all of us for the rest of the year!

I always wanted to blog but time wouldn't just let me. But now, yay! I have a few hours to sit down and put out my thoughts here.

My 2018 was a rollercoaster ride as it has always been for the last 29 years. Haha! Oh yeah, now tha…

The Possibility of Working in a Recruiting Firm

When the economy of a nation improves and grows, new jobs are being created and more workers are needed to fill up the job vacancies. As the demands for job candidates increased employers are finding it more difficult to hire the quality workers they are looking for. More employers are now hiring recruiters such as beacon recruiting firm to source for the suitable candidates to fill up the vacancies in their organization.

The job of a recruiter is exciting and challenging job in the corporate world today. Every day a recruiter has to compete with others to increase their pool of quality talented candidates to meet the demands of their clients. A recruiter’s job is also impactful and rewarding. It is impactful because he or she can change the life of a candidate by placing them in well paid job in a reputable company and having found the suitable candidate to fill up the job in their client’s company.

If you are a fresh graduate waiting for a job opportunity or someone who wants a cha…

Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables Lands in the Philippines

We all love chocolates! And we're excited with this new Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables!

Latest product from Mondelez Philippines enters growing parent-to-child segment.

With the goal to become the best snacking Company in the world and create more moments of Joy, Mondel─ôz International has launched a new and delightful entry product in its Southeast Asia Markets. Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables is especially created to provide consumers enhanced product experiences and bonding opportunities with their kids.  

Getting Ready for the Coming School Year 2018-2019

My little girl is attended summer classes for toddlers in preparation for the coming school year. And even though it's just summer classes, I already bought a few school supplies (i.e. pencils, sharpener, plastic cover, erasers, colors). Yes, I am that parent! Haha! I am just so excited! School supplies, covering of notebooks and books, sharpening new pencils and all that.

Even when I was younger, buying school supplies made me so damn happy! I would rather spend my time in book stores than in toy stores. I would not use my new notebook unless I really need to, even if I have a lot of it! I love collecting notebooks and pencils! Also, do you remember those magnetic pencil cases? That was a dream for me! I had one which we bought very cheap at a market, and it didn't last long. :(


What is Dyslexia?

Honestly, I knew the term dyslexia when I was in high school or college already. We are not very much educated about it then, so thankfully we have these kinds of talks today. And as a mom, I am very much thankful to people who share there knowledge to us.

No parent would ever want to see his child struggle in school much more in the area of reading—the very core foundation to learning every subject there is in school. This is far worse for the child. The fear of being labelled and teased as stupid, dumb and slow is something he has to face and live with every single day. It could even be aggravated by his teacher’s perception of his condition: lazy, not trying hard enough, unfocused, and absent-minded. The fear even becomes bigger when the school strongly implies that the child is simply a poor student.

Welcome to Pampers Toni and Baby Seve! Let's Do the Less Lawlaw, Go Galaw Dance!

I've been invited to a Pampers event 2 years ago (click here to see my post), and since then, my little girl has been a Pampers user. I've been a believer and yes, my little one didn't have any rashes from the Pampers! It was the time we welcomed Andi Manzano-Reyes and baby Olivia to the Pampers family, and now, with other mommies, Paula Peralejo, Isabel Oli-Prats and Feliz Lucas, we welcome Mommy Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and baby Seve with a new dance craze for us to dance to!

A 'Sunny Playtime' with Iya and Primo Arellano at Glorietta

Maco and I went to experience the new scents from Bambini. If you didn't know Bambini, or you think that you've heard it before -yes, Bambini was around in the early 2000s as I was in high school back then and I remember most of the girls uses this cologne as it is sweet-smelling.