Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WELP! People talking to my Baby who DOESN'T even talk yet

I, myself has talked to babies before, I even ask them things that I know I wouldn't get an answer from! But, actually, I didn't mind that. I didn't think it was awkward at all. There's nothing awkward about babies, right?

But now, as an awkward parent. I do get awkward when I'm carrying my baby girl and my friends, relatives, most esp when other people asks my baby! Who they know doesn't even talk yet!!! I mean c'mon...

But then I didn't mind it, and sometimes I don't answer the question, I just repeat the question to my little girl which made it more awkward I guess. Lol! I don't even know why I even thought of asking my little girl whom I know doesn't even talk. And doesn't even understand what I was saying. There was a time I answer it for my baby. But it seemed like they didn't care when I answered it for my daughter. :( So now, I just wait for the person to look at me, and talk to me instead of my daughter.

One time, my husband asked me this...
"What do you do when other people ask Maco something, even when they know Maco doesn't even talk yet. Do you answer for Maco or you don't answer at all?" 

I told him, "RIGHHHTT??!?!". And then we laughed.

I know this is just simple or non-sense for most people, but parents reading this, what do you do when other people ask your baby (who doesn't talk yet) questions? Do you answer for them, like you "baby talk" to them (LOL), or you just answer them? Or you just don't answer at all.

**This was when Maco doesn't talk yet, now she can somehow converse with people. If she's not being shy! Hehe

Up to 90% OFF for Lazada's 5th Birthday Surprise MARCH 21-23 2017!!

Hey Mommas & Poppas, Lazada's Birthday Sale is not only for  tech enthusiasts and beauty junkies, but for us, parents, as well! Check out some of the items that would be on sale this March 21st until the 23rd! ;)

 Nestle and MamyPoko will both be offering discounts on their products during the Birthday Sale which runs from March 21 to March 23, 2017.

It will all start at midnight of March 21 with Nestle offering a 10% discount on Nestle Nido 3 + Pre-School Powdered Milk Drink With Free Storage Box 1.6kg. From it's original price of P770, it will be priced lower at P693. Another Nestle product which will be having a 10% discount is the the 3-Pack 50g Nestle Cerelac Nutripuffs Banana & Orange which is priced down at P201. Nido FortiChoco and Nido Fortigrow will also both get a 10% price reduction during the 3-day sale. The set of 6 Nido FortiChoco 150g-pack will only cost P679 while the set of 6 Nido Fortigrow 160g-pack will be priced at P757.

MamyPoko will be offering discounts of up to 50% off starting midnight of March 21. At 40% discount, MamyPoko Extra Dry Diaper Newborn, Pack of 28+2 will be priced at P181. MamyPoko Easy to Wear Diaper Panta Medium 20's, Pack of 6, on the other hand, will only cost P507. That's less than P4.25 pesos for every diaper! On top of these flash sale products, MamyPoko will be applying a 30% discount on many of its products for the 3-day sale as well so make sure that you visit the MamyPoko website.

Many more brands for your kids will go on sale during the 3-day Birthday Sale.

these Avent Bottles are just P715.00!!! (NOT YET THE 38% DISCOUNT)
Philips Avent Baby bottles will go on flash sale at midnight of March 22 with a 38% discount as well as a Chicco Sterilizer  offered at 62% off on March 22

Monday, March 20, 2017

Press Release: Jollibee’s New Party Theme Brings Fun Up to Speed

I've never gone to a dull party at Jollibee, it's always fun and exciting -for all ages! And to add to our fun Jollibee party experience, they've added a new party theme! Yay! :)

Fasten your seat belts as the country’s leading fast food chain revs up the excitement with JolliRace, the newest and coolest addition to the Jollibee Kids Party.

With JolliRace, all racetracks lead to a fun, Grand Prix experience. Boys and girls will have a blast on their special day with balloons, relay games, awesome prizes, and a delicious cake prepared to give them a birthday party set at full speed.

Jollibee, Yum and Popo will thrill party guests in this one-of-a-kind celebration. All these, plus Jollibee langhap-sarap favorites Chickenjoy, Jollibee Spaghetti, and Yumburger meals, make the JolliRace party a sure winner among kids and kids-at-heart.